Royal dolly peg

About 25 years ago…

…I had a small peg doll collection. This is Queen Elizabeth I. She is showing her age a little (but then so am I 25 years later!), with glue damage on the bodice but is otherwise in good general condition. She has slashes in her sleeves as the real Queen Elizabeth would have had, hand held spectacles and a lace neck ruff.

I can’t remember where exactly she came from now, but I always remember her being one of the better parts of my doll collection!


4 thoughts on “Royal dolly peg

  1. How did you get interested in this type of doll?

    I’m thinking back to my childhood when Mom was hanging clothes on the outside lines during the summer and down in the basement in the winter.

    She wasn’t into crafting of any kind and thought knitting and crocheting and embroidery, etc. all rather foolish, a waste of time and money and could be purchased for less.

    I’m happy to say that although I don’t ‘craft’ I do knit and crochet and embroider and do counted cross stitch and crewel and Swedish Weaving, and learned a bit about how to do bobbin lace, and all are wonderful!!

  2. HIi Marny!

    I remember having these dolls to play with when I was little. My mum used to make them for me and my sister on a rainy day! They are very English, can be simple and cost effective to make and you can let your imagination run away with you! As I am an embroiderer fulltime, I like to add some stitching to my work. I just wish I had more time to make them…

    It’s a shame your mother didn’t appreciate hand work; my mum was always sewing, knitting, crocheting etc and I’m sure she did it because it was cheaper! Glad to see that you are getting much pleasure out of the work you do, sounds like it keeps you busy!


  3. Working 2-3 jobs didn’t leave my mom much time, so I appreciate her for that and for other things she did.

    She didn’t like classical music but always made sure there was a $1 for me to go to see/hear the Cleveland Symphony at Severance Hall for the Young People’s Concerts.

    Here is my eBoard: http;// – where you can see Crafts and UFO tabs.

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