A great find

I found these vintage peg doll kits up for auction and decided I had to give them a home. I’m guessing they are 1970’s from the box art. They are made by a company called Phantasia and are made in England, although I had them shipped over from America. They have been on a long journey! There are 12 altogether and depict dolls from around the world including ‘Master Bavaria’ and ‘Miss Pakistan”!

I’m about to take them out of the boxes and inspect the contents closely. I have a few kits now, most of then vintage and some never opened. I never know whether to make then up or keep them in their original condition. It seems a shame not to make them up as intended…


3 thoughts on “A great find

  1. I was chatting with colleagues about presents as a child in the 70’s and I had an amazing peg doll set given all in one box from around the world I remember it today I amy even look at starting this agina. Fantastic pictures

    • Dear Julie,
      My collection started with ones I had when I was little. Do I presume you no longer have the set though? 😦
      I can’t decide whether to make any of these kits up or not. I quite like them as they are, and yes I encourage you to start it again! They don’t take much material and you can do them however much time you have to spare. Send me some pics if you do decide to make some! Hope you find lots of inspiration here…thanks for your comments

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