We’ve had a quick look at the different types of pegs, let’s have a look at materials:

Wooden pegs: cotton fabric with small print; sand paper; pipe cleaners; peg stands; face transfers; ribbons; beads; embroidery cotton; sewing thread; lace trimmings; decorative threads.

It’s always exciting to buy new things but the great thing about these dolls is that you can make them out of items that you have lying around. Cotton fabric hangs and drapes well and small prints scale down to doll size. You only need small pieces, so save off cuts from dressmaking projects. Pieces of lace, trimmings, small buttons, sequins and beads can all be used for embellishments.

For accessories, use cocktail stitcks for umbrellas, fold small pieces of paper to make books, bend wire for glasses, make fans out of coloured paper or thin card, use larger buttons for hats; the list is endless!

So get creative and for the total cost of a few pence make your very own doll.


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