Making a simple peg doll…

The simplest way to make a ped doll is just to wrap it in fabric and tie te fabric onto the peg with a piece of ribbon. No sewing and no glue needed! I made the dolls on the right in the following way:

1) Paint on the hair and face using a small brush and acrylic paints. Varnish when dry if required.

2) Drill a hole through the peg for the pipecleaner arms. Wrap the pipecleaner around the body if you don’t have a drill to make a hole. They actualy still look good with no arms so leave off altogether if you want to.

3) Cut a pece of fabric for the dress about 7cm wide and the length that you want the dress to be. I cut the bottom with some pinking shears.

4) Fold over the top and wrap around the peg so that the fabric overlaps at the back.

5) Wrap a contrasting piece of fabric around the waist and tie a length of ribbon (about 10cm) around that to hold all the pieces in place. Tie the ribbon in a bow.

Now get creative! If you don’t like neat edges, leave the fabric to fray. You could wrap the fabric around several times to make it thicker. Get creative with your tying; use twine or strings of beads or even ripped lengths of fabric. Wrap a piece of fabric round to make a shawl…before you know where you are your simple doll has turned into something much more!


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