An early attempt

This was one of my earliest attempts at making a peg doll that I can remember. My mum must have helped me with it because the dress is gathered at the top and I don’t think I would have known how to do that back then! If I remember rightly, the material was left over from our school dresses which mum also made for us.


She is a little worse for wear now and her arm is broken (these seems to be the case with alot of my dolls, I must have played with them alot). Her face is a transfer but even this is peeling off. Her arms were wrapped around her neck and her hair is black wool that has been glued on.

You have to start somewhere I guess!


2 thoughts on “An early attempt

  1. I think you are lucky to still have this peg doll from your childhood. I remember embroidering a cinoline lady picture when I was about 12 but no idea what happened to it. I still love crinoline lady embroideries. JEAN

  2. Yes, I’m a bit bemused as to how I managed to hold on to all of my dolls all of these years! I must have had a real soft spot for them. Perhaps your crinoline lady is hiding in a box somewhere for you to re-discover?

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