An improvement!

The last post was one of my first (if not the first) attempts at making a peg doll and I think I had alot of help with it! I have just finished this one and am happy to see I have improved considerably…


I have tried to give her some body shape using wrapped wool and a petticoat and thickening up the arms using Flair tubular ribbon. Underneath she looks like this:

Some of the shape has been lost under the clothes, but I think it is worth paying that extra attention to what’s going on underneath. You can scale down the print of the fabric but scaling down the weave of the fabric is harder. I had a basic idea for the dress shape but really she evolved as I went. The flower in her hair is a paper one bought from a craft shop and the umbrella is made from a half circle of fabric wrapped around a cocktail stick. Face transfers might be quick but I think I would rather paint the faces myself, they have more character (more on accessories and faces to come soon).

I have found some unfinished dolls, so I think they will be my next project.


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