Dolly peg project – Lesson one

I always start with the face. If you don’t like it it is easier to sand it off and start again at this stage than at the end! The face will also give a doll it’s character, so define this at the beginning.

1) If you have some fine sandpaper, sand the peg first to get rid of splinters and rough areas:

2) First paint in the eyes (see the end of this post for face transfers). If you are using pens you could use white correction fluid for this part or a white gel pen if you have one. Use the finest paintbrush you can buy if you are painting, this is fiddly work! Make tear drop shapes:

3) Outline the teardrop shapes in black

4) Add a blue circle in the centre for the pupil and two curved lines for eyebrows

5) Add a black dot in the centre of the circle and change to red for the lips. For the top lip draw/paint a flat ‘m’ shape, for the bottom lip a flat ‘v’

6) Fill in the lips and add eyelashes to make her more feminine

7) If you have some, varnish the head once it is dry to protect it. Varnish down some of the body also. Check that the medium you have used for the face is waterproof or your face will run.

TIP: You could use clear nail varnish if you have some!

Here are some alternative faces. They are quite characterful! Experiment, you could try different faces out on paper first.

If you are using a dolly peg face transfer:

1) Soak the transfer in warm water for a few minutes. If you leave it in longer the glue will disolve and the face won’t stick

2) Check carefully to see if the transfer will lift off the backing paper. I use a thin craft knife to do this.

3) Slide the transfer onto the face and with a dry cloth press the transfer down until it has stuck. Let it dry

This takes practice so do the process carefully. You might find it easier to varnish your doll first so that the transfer slides on more easily.


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