Dolly peg project – Lesson 3

The skirt

1) Cut a piece of your chosen fabric to size, 20cm x 10cm (8 x 4 1/2 inches), and iron flat (for a longer skirt increase the 10cm measurement)

2) Fold over one long edge about 1/2 cm (1/4 inch) and crease with your finger. Then fold this fold over again the same amount to hide the raw edge. Pin the fold to hold in place. This will make the hem (bottom edge) of the skirt.


3) Using a strong sewing thread in a smiliar colour to your fabric, work hem stitch around the bottom of the skirt (working from the wrong side, pick up a few threads of the skirt fabric then a few threads of the folded fabric and work your way along the length of the fold):


4) Fold over the top edge just once and pin in place

5) Now fold  both ends of the skirt in 1/c cm (1/4 inch) and crease with your finger

6) Fold the skirt fabric in half, wrong sides together (the two folds you have just made should be on the inside) a pin the two ends of the skirt together like so:

7) Starting at the top of the skirt, slip stitch the seam by making a small stitch in one of the folds of fabric then taking the next stitch in the other fold of the fabric, drawing the two folds together. Your stitches should be invisible.

8 ) Finish this thread off. You should now have  a tube of fabric with a neat seam and both ends turned under.

9) Using a double thread, work a running stitch around the top of the skirt (the edge with the pins in it). Make the stitches quite small and close to the edge (2mm or 1/32 inch).


10) Pull up the gathers carefully and slip the skirt onto the peg matching up the seam of the skirt with the seam of the bodice at the back of the peg. Pull the gathers tightly evening them out around the peg. Stitch the skirt to the bodice with a couple of stitches and finish off the thread.


11) The finished skirt


You could make a petticoat to go underneath. Make in the same way as the skirt but don’t turn over the top edge as this will create extra bulk underneath the skirt.

You could add a length of ribbon or lace around the bottom of the skirt. Do this while the skirt fabric is flat so the ends of the ribbon/lace can be hidden in the seam. Stitch in place with a running stitch.

Next lesson: Arms! Get your pipecleaners and fabric ready….


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