Dolly peg project interlude and other skirt ideas

While I assemble the next part of the project, I thought it would be good to have a look at some more skirts.


Blue Check Peggy and Pink Lady Peggy have both been made in the same way as part 3 of the project, but the longer fabric dimension is greater. The longer the fabric the more puffed out the skirt will be, so add a cm or two to the height also if you want a really wide skirt to allow for the extra volume.  Just be aware that this means more gathers around the waist so use a lighter weight fabric.

The Bride Peggy skirt is made with a circluar piece of material. Use a plate to draw around (The diameter of which should be twice that of the required skirt length). Cut a hole in the middle and stitch a running stitch around this to gather it up around the peg. This type of skirt works best with petticoats underneath to make it stand out more.


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