Diwali celebration dolls

It’s great to know you have inspired someone to be creative…thanks to Rachna for sending me these pictures of her dolls she made to celebrate Diwali. They are so imaginitive, I love them!


She didn’t stop there, here are some more!


I love the fact the the clothes are longer than the pegs. Simple idea but they look fab! The colours are just the ticket for brightening up the onset of winter…


Smallest peg doll in the world?

Unfortunately the Guiness Book of World Records will no longer record the smallest of anything, but if they did surely this little sailor doll would be a contender for the smallest peg doll? It measures just 8mm in length and is made carved out of just the head of a match stick! Here it is on a finger:

Ok, it’s not made from a peg so it’s not strictly a peg doll but it was made with this in mind and is peg shaped! You get an idea of its size from the matchstick head it stands on. My husband made it on seeing another claim for the smallest peg doll where the head of the doll was the head of the matchstick. He always has to go one better….

This is the back:

If anyone is up for a  challenge…

Peg doll faces

I now have some peg doll waterslide decal faces for sale.

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New kits

Just put some new peg doll kits in my shop!

They come in different colour ways and are available for £5.50 +p&p. For more information and to buy on-line, click on the link below to visit my shop:

Spotty peg doll kits

A dilema

Dear reader,

I decided to sort out my collection of peg people at the weekend and pack them away properly, and I have er…rather alot! Packed away the good ones,

boxed the ones that need some repair,

 which leaves me with this lot:

Someone spent time making them so I’m reluctant to get rid of them, but I’m probably not going to repair them (it would be quicker to start from scratch). Is it ok to recycle them (especialy as er…there are more on the way!)?

Undecided of Kent