Accessorising your peg doll

Once you have made your peg doll, let your imagination run wild with the accessories! Here are some ideas:

Make bracelets and necklaces using beads threaded onto a strong  thread. Tie around the wrist or neck then knot the ends together or thread back through the beads. The smaller the bead the more accurate the scale will be.

Glasses can be made by bending fine wire into shape with small pair of pliers. Make them to hold in the hand or push the ends into the hair to hold them onto the face (make long arms to the glasses to do this).

There are lots of ways of constructing hats. This one may look complicated, but broken down into it’s individual parts it is fairly simple to construct. Cut out a circle twice the diameter you want your finished hat to be. Run a gathering stitch around the edge and pull tight. Flatten the shape so that the stitches sit in the middle of the hat (this is like making a ‘suffolk puff’). You can put a piece of cardboard in the middle before you draw up the threads if you want a sturdier base for your hat. The roses are made by rolling up small pieces of fabric. Cut a long rectangle and fold in half. Roll up and hold the rose together with a small stitch. Stitch (or glue) them down onto the centre of the hat. Add a ribbon bow at the back and stitch (or glue) into place on the hair.


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