Wedding fever

Well spring is here along soon to be joined by a very Royal Wedding! I’m sure many other weddings will be happening very soon too, so I thought I would share a Peg bride and groom with you.



Painted pegs on parade

I was inspired to paint these soldier pegs from a vintage one that I bought. It’s a challenge to get arms and all the other details onto a peg shape! Why not have a go yourself? Use acrylic or poster paints and sand your peg well first to make a smooth surface to paint on. Try a simple figure to start with and first paint the face, then a pair of trousers, then the top. Add details on gradually to build up your figure.


Spotty peg doll

Well done to Helen on her lovely renditon of one of the spotty peg doll kits. I think you’ll agree she looks fabulous!

If anyone else wants to have a go, you can buy a kit for this doll from my shop. There are three colours to choose from.

A large box of vintage peggies arrived this morning, time for a look I think…