Royal wedding fever

I thought a bride peg dolly would be appropriate to go with the current Royal Wedding fever which is certainly gripping the UK at the moment!

This doll is definately vintage if not a bit older and has a wonderful silk dress and long train. The face lets it down a bit, I’m in two minds whether to try and change it or not…


Fortune teller

This unusual doll came in a lot of dolls. I loved the skirt and as my interest is in peg dolls, I thought I would turn this one into a Gypsy fortune teller. I dismantled the doll carefully in order to be able to reuse as many parts as possible:


I had some plastic pegs made especially for peg doll projects and have never tried them so I thought I would use one for this doll.  This is the finished result:


I made a bodice out of satin ribbon and replaced the skirt and the beaded waist band from the original doll. I also re-used the head scarf adding on jump rings for earrings. I gave her a paper flower to hold in new pipe cleaner arms. The face features are moulded into these plastic pegs so I bought the facial features out with acrylic paints.


Restoration project

Some dolls just need a little repair to bring them back to life. This peg came in quite good condition, all her clothes were sewn on which always helps (no nasty glue residue to try and get rid of). Don’t forget you can use the step by step photos of all the restoraton projects on this blog to help you make your own doll.

The original doll:

The first thing to do is take the doll apart trying to keep all the parts in as good a condition as possible


I sanded the face off as the face wasn’t in the centre. I took a photograph however, so I could paint on the new face to be like the old one. I also painted on red shoes then varnished the whole peg. I used a piece of new lace to make a bodice to go under the dress just by wrapping it around the peg and sewing it together at the back:

I decided to make the dress into a skirt. I added on a piece of the same lace I used for the bodice along the bottom of the skirt. It was already well stitched into a tube so I didn’t need to restitch it although I did iron it before I put it back on the peg, and I did sew a new gathering thread around the top of the skirt. I gathered this up, placed the skirt on the peg and sewed the thread up tightly. I bent the original pipe cleaner arms into shape and placed arounde the back of the doll sewing them to the lace bodice to hold them in place:


I ironed the shawl and recut the edges just to neaten them up. I wrapped it around her shoulders and sewed in together at the front with a sequin and bead. I made new hair but used brown wool as she had had before.


Now she looks as good as new!

Your very own William and Kate

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Next on Dollypeg doll: Another peg doll restoration project. Follow the step by step photos to see how to make an outfit, arms, hair and faces.