Restoration project

Some dolls just need a little repair to bring them back to life. This peg came in quite good condition, all her clothes were sewn on which always helps (no nasty glue residue to try and get rid of). Don’t forget you can use the step by step photos of all the restoraton projects on this blog to help you make your own doll.

The original doll:

The first thing to do is take the doll apart trying to keep all the parts in as good a condition as possible


I sanded the face off as the face wasn’t in the centre. I took a photograph however, so I could paint on the new face to be like the old one. I also painted on red shoes then varnished the whole peg. I used a piece of new lace to make a bodice to go under the dress just by wrapping it around the peg and sewing it together at the back:

I decided to make the dress into a skirt. I added on a piece of the same lace I used for the bodice along the bottom of the skirt. It was already well stitched into a tube so I didn’t need to restitch it although I did iron it before I put it back on the peg, and I did sew a new gathering thread around the top of the skirt. I gathered this up, placed the skirt on the peg and sewed the thread up tightly. I bent the original pipe cleaner arms into shape and placed arounde the back of the doll sewing them to the lace bodice to hold them in place:


I ironed the shawl and recut the edges just to neaten them up. I wrapped it around her shoulders and sewed in together at the front with a sequin and bead. I made new hair but used brown wool as she had had before.


Now she looks as good as new!


2 thoughts on “Restoration project

  1. Hello Sarah J.

    I came across your website today on Peg Dolls while browsing the inter-net looking up information actually on “Spool Dolls”. I was more interested in making spool dolls since I’ve been sewing for 18 years and thought it would be a good idea to find out what to make out of the wooden spools, so I have been browsing the inter-net for inspiration and ideas on making up some spool dolls. I wear many hats when it comes to a number of crafts and hobbies, including my latest interest of spool dolls.

    I just wanted to drop a few lines to say that I absolutely love your peg dolls and read some of the blog about your restoration on some of the dolls. Your Dolly Peg project on how to make them is fantastic and you have provided such beautiful pictures along with step-by-step instructions provided on your website. I already went out later this afternoon and bought three bags of wooden peg dolls along with the wooden stands too. Now, I have another way of using up those favorite fabric scraps to make these peg dolls which I can also use up those bits and pieces of ribbons, lace, beads, etc., for embellishments. I plan on finishing up a few more of the spool dolls that I started first, and once done, I will have to try making up a few of the peg dolls. Hopefully, when I’ve made a few up and satisfied with the outcome, I might send you two or three pictures of my completed peg dolls.


    • Hi Valerie,

      Thankyou for your message. I’m glad you like my peg dolly blog and it’s great that you were inspired to go out and get some pegs! I must admit I have not heard of Spool dolls, I will look them up. Life has been very busy and I have not had as much chance to make some dolls as I would like recently. I have quite a few more that I plan to give a new lease of life so maybe I will get the next one out ready for a makeover! I enjoy restoring them more than making new ones I think, it’s nice to see them back to their former glory. Please feel free to send me pictures of any dolls you make, I will be only too happy to add them to the gallery…

      Right I’m off to look up spool dolls!

      Kind regards

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