So I got all of my dolls out over Christmas and gave them a bit of a sort. Amongst them are some of the first ones I made including this Geisha doll:

The design is a fairly simple one: The fabric is wrapped around the body in a tube and sewn up along the back, and the sleeves are rectangles sewn up along one edge and a pipecleaner threaded through. I made another tube in pink and tied it around her wasit creating two loops which I sewed into place:

I used cotton embroidery thread for the hair which I glued to her head in spirals. I made a bun in the same way and added lengths of wire for her hair ornaments.

Some drops of beads sewn on to the front of her hair finished her off nicely!


3 thoughts on “Geisha

  1. What a lovely doll! I just wanted to say thank you for this post. My six year old daughter is going to be dressed as a geisha girl in her school assembly tomorrow, so I wanted to make her a geisha peg doll to cheer her up and wish her luck. I stumbled across your blog and followed your guidelines to make her a very simple little geisha doll that will hopefully put a smile on her face tomorrow morning. If you are interested, the url for my blog post about it is: I linked back to your blog. Many thanks once again, Paula.

    • Hi Paula,

      Your little doll is lovely! I hope your daughter’s assembly went well and the doll helped. Can I put a picture of her on my blog? I’ll add your blog link also.

      Peg dolls are my hobby and I don’t get much time at the moment to make them, perhaps I’ll put some time aside this weekend!

      Thanks for your comments Paula,

      Kind regards


      • Thank you! The doll did seem to help and it certainly put a huge smile on her face when I gave it to her. She has been carrying it around with her all day! You are more than welcome to put the picture of the doll on your blog, indeed I would be most flattered. The geisha doll was the first peg doll I have made, but she won’t be the last. I can see them becoming quite addictive…

        Thank you once again for your lovely blog.

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