Some amazing little dolls….

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.
She gave them some broth without any bread;
And whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

old women who lived in a shoe


If you really like this, you can buy it on E-bay for $2800!!! Or you could make your own ūüôā


Welcome to The Dolls House Magazine readers!

Just wanted to say hello to anyone coming here from ‘The Dolls House Magazine’, welcome to Dolly Peg Doll!

Peg dolls are a throw back to my youth I guess, what little girl didn’t have one at some point? My collection is¬†steadily growing and you will find some of it here on these pages as well as step by step projects to make your own and lots of ideas.¬†Use the categories and tags to help you find something specific, or just enjoy a browse!

The smallest peg doll ever? Made from the head of a matchstick, this little sailor peg has been hand sculpted and painted by my husband and stands just 8mm high….yes, 8mm!!

Tiny peg

I haven’t bought many vintage peg dolls lately, but this tiny peg did catch my eye! I’m unsure of what its purpose would have been, but it is an exact miniture of a normal dolly peg…

Christmas peg fairy

Went for a peg angel to top the Christmas tree this year!

She wouldn’t be complete without gold hair and a set of gold wings (cut from gold card).¬†I also made¬†mini¬†Christmas dolls¬†from clothespins¬†to keep her company…

Smallest peg doll in the world?

Unfortunately the Guiness Book of World Records will no longer record the smallest of anything, but if they did surely this little sailor doll would be a contender for the smallest peg doll? It measures just 8mm in length and is made carved out of just the head of a match stick! Here it is on a finger:

Ok, it’s not made from a peg so it’s not strictly a peg doll but it was made with this in mind and is peg shaped! You get an idea of its size from the matchstick head it stands on. My husband made it on seeing another claim for the smallest peg doll where the head of the doll was the head of the matchstick. He always has to go one better….

This is the back:

If anyone is up for a¬† challenge…