Tiny peg

I haven’t bought many vintage peg dolls lately, but this tiny peg did catch my eye! I’m unsure of what its purpose would have been, but it is an exact miniture of a normal dolly peg…


Peg doll birthdays

I was buying fabric today and on my way to the till (through the craft section!) I found these lovely peg doll birthday cards. I wanted to buy the whole set but setted for two (one of which is actualy for someone)!.


I may have to go back and get the others! If anyone wants one, and they are in the UK, you can buy them from Dunelm Mill.

New peg doll kits

This little peg is now available as a kit. Choose from four different colour ways and embroider the apron yourself! Buy now from my online shop.


Available in the following colours: Red gingham, Blue gingham, Green gingham, Pale blue with white spots

Your kit provides everything you need including cotton print fabric, embroidery threads, 25 count linen, needle, face transfers (two just in case!), pipe cleaner and comprehensive instructions.

Wedding fever

Well spring is here along soon to be joined by a very Royal Wedding! I’m sure many other weddings will be happening very soon too, so I thought I would share a Peg bride and groom with you.


A new dolly peg year!

Well it’s out with the old and in with the new so why not start the year off and get creative with some doll making! Visit my shop to buy a kit ready to make up or a bag of essentials just to get you going. There are also face decals for sale if you aren’t confident at drawing your own. These will really give your doll a professional look.


Face decals, ‘Spotty peg’ peg doll kits, peg doll basics kit

There are lots of pictures on this site to give you ideas and a start to finish project showing you how to make a basic doll, with more projects and ideas on the way this year so keep checking back. Don’t forget, you can post pictures of your doll on here too. Just send any images and accompanying text to this e-mail: dollypegdoll@yahoo.co.uk

Visitor numbers to this site have increased every month and there were over 1000 views in December which is fantastic. I would like to thank everyone who has visited this site for supporting me, especially those who I know visit regularly. I look forward to another year of blogging.

Happy new year to you all!


Christmas peg fairy

Went for a peg angel to top the Christmas tree this year!

She wouldn’t be complete without gold hair and a set of gold wings (cut from gold card). I also made mini Christmas dolls from clothespins to keep her company…

Diwali celebration dolls

It’s great to know you have inspired someone to be creative…thanks to Rachna for sending me these pictures of her dolls she made to celebrate Diwali. They are so imaginitive, I love them!


She didn’t stop there, here are some more!


I love the fact the the clothes are longer than the pegs. Simple idea but they look fab! The colours are just the ticket for brightening up the onset of winter…