Well travelled…

Thankyou to Sandy for thinking of me and giving me this little peggy! She has travelled home with me all the way from West Virginia via San Francisco!



Fortune teller

This unusual doll came in a lot of dolls. I loved the skirt and as my interest is in peg dolls, I thought I would turn this one into a Gypsy fortune teller. I dismantled the doll carefully in order to be able to reuse as many parts as possible:


I had some plastic pegs made especially for peg doll projects and have never tried them so I thought I would use one for this doll.  This is the finished result:


I made a bodice out of satin ribbon and replaced the skirt and the beaded waist band from the original doll. I also re-used the head scarf adding on jump rings for earrings. I gave her a paper flower to hold in new pipe cleaner arms. The face features are moulded into these plastic pegs so I bought the facial features out with acrylic paints.


Diwali celebration dolls

It’s great to know you have inspired someone to be creative…thanks to Rachna for sending me these pictures of her dolls she made to celebrate Diwali. They are so imaginitive, I love them!


She didn’t stop there, here are some more!


I love the fact the the clothes are longer than the pegs. Simple idea but they look fab! The colours are just the ticket for brightening up the onset of winter…

The good, the bad, and the ‘what the….’!

My lot of dolls arrived this morning. It’s excting when you don’t quite know what you are going to get. This was my first view: lot’s of feet!


As you have probably worked out from the title, it was a mixed bag. Let’s start with the good:


The first four are beautiful examples. Simple but well made (sewn together!) in pretty printed fabrics. The seond and third need a little attention but are otherwise well made.

And now for the bad:


I say bad, but it’s nothing some TLC wouldn’t fix. Some of these dolls are in a very bad state and are a good example of why you should always stitch the clothes and not glue them. It’s conincidence that they are all pink!

And now for the “what the…..”!  I just don’t know what to say about this one:

A you can see, the peg is rather alot bigger than a normal peg. He has the bizarrest outfit on, I’m lost for words! If anyone has any printabe ones, please feel free to leave a comment…

I’m never sure about what to do with the ones that need fixing. Some need completely pulling apart and remaking properly but does this spoil the authenticity of them?

A large collection

My collection of dolls was given a huge boost when a lot of about 50 dolls came up on an auction site. I won the auction paying just over a pound for each one which although great for me, was a bit sad in a way. There is alot of work in them and I think they are undervalued. The collection was a bit of a lottery and there are varying levels of quality of dolls with a few excellent ones and some very bad ones!

Van peg is one of my favourites. I will post some more good ones of them later and perhaps some of the not so great ones too!

A great find

I found these vintage peg doll kits up for auction and decided I had to give them a home. I’m guessing they are 1970’s from the box art. They are made by a company called Phantasia and are made in England, although I had them shipped over from America. They have been on a long journey! There are 12 altogether and depict dolls from around the world including ‘Master Bavaria’ and ‘Miss Pakistan”!

I’m about to take them out of the boxes and inspect the contents closely. I have a few kits now, most of then vintage and some never opened. I never know whether to make then up or keep them in their original condition. It seems a shame not to make them up as intended…