Dolly Peg project – Lesson 4

The arms:

1) Cut your pipe cleaner to the required length (about 11cm)

2) Cut your fabric for the arms a little bit shorter than the pipe cleaner and twice the width that you want the finished sleeves to be (mine measured about 5cm/2 inches wide full width)

3) Fold the fabric in half, right sides together and pin along the length of the seam to hold in place like so:

4) Work back stitch along the seam close to the edge in a strong sewing thread of similar colour to the fabric to make a tube.

5) Turn the tube of fabric the right way around (use a pair of thin pliers or tweezers to help you). Fold the ends of the tube under to hide the raw edge.

6) Tie a piece of embroidery thread around the end of the sleeve to fasten to the arm. Wrap the thread around several times and finish the thread by threading in a needle and taking back through the wrapped thread. Repeat for the other end.


7) Sew the arms to the back of the bodice gathering up the fabric of the arms in the centre with a running stitch. Make sure you match the centre of the arms to the seam on the back of the bodice.

8 ) Turn over the ends of the pipe cleaner with a pair of tweezers or small pliers to make hands. Bend the finished arms into position:


In the next lesson we will give her some hair….


3 thoughts on “Dolly Peg project – Lesson 4

  1. Hi see you have been to the States I have just come back we have driven from Washington DC through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Nashville then Memphis
    Gracelands Bros Bridge New Orleans. Had an amazing adventure would be interested to here where you have been. Jean

    • Your trip sounds fantastic Jean! My trip wasn’t so much of an adventrue as yours as I was working for most if it. Went up to Oregon to teach there for a week then down to stay with a friend in San Fransisco where we did a couple of classes from her studio, so the other side of the US to you. I’ve never been to the East coast but we have some friends that live not far from where you were actually so maybe we might impose ourselves on them one day!

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